Bridging Ciphertext using CCIP-read

A brief guide to bridging ciphertexts in a gas efficient manner using CCIP-read standard to securely fetch Ciphertext from off-chain server and relaying it to INCO.


The motivation for such a setup is to allow applications built on top of other EVM chains to leverage INCO's confidential computing capabilities. Thereby allowing processing of Encrypted data in a confidential manner.

In a conventional approach to enable this, when making cross-chain transactions, it is expected that the metadata for the transaction is available on the origin chain as well. However, doing the same for encrypted Ciphertexts can be very expensive as they are large in size.

To overcome the same, we can use CCIP-read standard to safely retrieve the necessary ciphertext during relay from any chain to Inco. This is done by only committing the hash of the encrypted data to be processed on the main chain which while being relayed will retrieve the corresponding ciphertext and write to Inco, where various operations can be performed on the ciphertext.

Take a look at the detailed guide of how this can be integrated to your contracts in the following pages

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