Connect to dApps on existing EVM chains

Inco extends confidentiality as a service (CaaS) to existing EVM and Cosmos chains that lack native confidentiality or randomness capabilities through native bridging, externally validated bridges, and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol.

Some of the features we could help extend include:

  • Confidential states

  • Encryption/Decryption

  • Randomness

Builders have the flexibility to build their applications with these 2 options:

1) On Inco Network, which will directly benefit from the native features mentioned above.

2) Have the core application logic on your existing chain (ex: Base, Arbitrum, Ethereum), and the specific hidden components (ex: cards, player states, etc.) and logic on our protocol. Depending on the use case and desired user experience, there are 2 options to initiate a transaction:

  • From the origin chain, in which the gas fee will be paid in the origin chain token (ex: ETH for Ethereum).

  • Directly on Inco Network, which the gas fees are paid by the users or through a gas-less transaction sponsored by the dApp via account abstraction or EIP-2771.

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