Setting up your environment

Using Remix:

  • We recommend using our fork of Remix. Deploying our smart contract code using Remix is quite straightforward. You need to set up thee complier version and the environment.

    • Complier: Select "0.8.24+commit.e11b9ed9" as the complier version.

    • Environment: Select "Injected Provider - Metamask" as the environment to deploy the code.

Using Hardhat:

  • We can start by cloning our template project, you can go to our repository and click the [Use this template] button at the top of the page to create a new repository with this repo as the initial state or simply follow the current steps:

    git clone 
    cd fhevm-hardhat-template
  • Change the directly to the repository and install the project dependencies:

    pnpm install 
  • Set an .env file with your mnemonics:

    cp .env.example .env

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